Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits by Mary Jane Hathaway

Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits by Mary Jane HathawayPride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits by Mary Jane Hathaway
Narrator: Gayle Ambrielle Loflin
Published by Gumbo Books on Sept 5, 2013
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Genres: Christian Romance
Length: 9 hrs 17 mins
Format: Audiobook
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Shelby Roswell is a history professor on the fast track to tenure until her new book is crushed in a review by the famous historian, Ransom Fielding. She struggles to regain her momentum only to discover that Fielding has taken a visiting professorship at her college. The place that was once a refuge from the poverty of her past is now a battlefield of Civil War proportions.

Ransom is still struggling with his role in his wife’s accidental death six years ago and was hoping a year at Shelby’s small college would be a respite from the reminders back home. He never bargained for falling in love with the one woman who would give anything to make him leave. Together Shelby and Ransom learn that home is never very far away, and when you least expect it, love arrives.

With a cast of Civil War re-enactors, an evil wedding planner, antebellum mansions, and several mysterious diaries, 'Pride, Prejudice and Cheese Grits' will take you on a touching and hilarious ride through a modern South you haven't seen before.

Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits is clearly based on Pride and Prejudice – many of the characters share similarities and there are Austen quotes at the opening of each chapter, but it’s a sweet romance in and of itself. It’s a very Southern story and although I’m not much of a history buff, I’ve known enough to appreciate the fascination with the Civil War that weaves in and out. I listened to the audio version and the narrator uses a Southern drawl very effectively, not overdoing it, just adding the right flavor to the reading.

Shelby is our Elizabeth, of course complete with mom and sisters, and Fielding is out Darcy. Fielding was a wonderful character, patient, handsome, intelligent. Yes, they start out on the wrong foot, but I have to admit Shelby drove me crazy for a lot of the book. She jumped to conclusions and was quite rude on occasion. He is clearly trying his hardest and yet she constantly screws it up. Now, I’ll admit he’s not perfect, but he might be a bit too close to it.

About 2/3 through, I almost put it away. I was at a point where it seemed to be stuck. I kept listening, though, since audios are a bit easier to slog through than traditional books for me. I’m glad I did, because the ending was worth it.

This is a Christian romance and deals with issues of faith, loss and forgiveness. I wish it had been clear from the blurb that it was Christian fiction. I would still have picked it up, but I like to know in advance. I didn’t feel it was overly preachy though. Shelby’s faith was just clearly a part of who she was and I liked that she dealt with some of the same things I do occasionally – like not keeping my mouth shut and being a bit judgmental.



About Mary Jane Hathaway

Mary Jane Hathaway is the pen name of an award-nominated writer who spends the majority of her literary energy on subjects un-related to Jane Austen. A homeschooling mother of six young children who rarely wear shoes, she’s madly in love with a man who has never read Pride and Prejudice. She holds degrees in Religious Studies and Theoretical Linguistics, and has a Jane Austen quote on the back of her van.


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