Atlantic City Boardwalk


Planning Corporate Events

If you are the one in your company in charge of planning corporate events Atlantic City, NJ, rest easy that there are multiple opportunities to fulfill that requirement. You want the attendees to be educated in the subject of the get-together or new product launch and also be entertained when they are in that city for several days. You want to accomplish the business goals and also captivate the guests.

There are an extensive number of hotels that specialize in providing all the elements necessary for a successful event from allocated space to the highest-quality cuisine to entertainment. When you know your budget limits and other specifications, you can seek out the hotels that are in that category and see online or in brochures what they offer and what special deals they are promoting.

The hotels pride themselves on their professional staff of event planners who will work with you on personalizing every detail to smoothly help you create unique memories. They want the attendees to have such a superior time that they will spread the word about that particular premier meeting destination.

In off hours, the guests will want to explore the city, and there is certainly much in Atlantic City to amuse and entertain them in addition to the glittering casinos, gourmet restaurants, and luxury boutiques as well as many historical buildings, statues, and artifacts.

For example:

Atlantic City Boardwalk

This famous and bustling well-maintained landmark is a “must see”. The four-mile-long boardwalk is lined with casinos, piers, and activities. It is a great place to stroll and check out the many little quaint shops and arcades, and the purchases are duty free. You can walk to the beach from the Boardwalk. You can also get rickshaw rides or take a tram car for only $2.50 apiece for all day.

Playground Pier

This is a four-story renovated complex featuring dining, shopping, and nightlife on a 900-foot-long pier jutting out into the ocean. The mall houses several high-end stores where you can purchase designer merchandise or window shop and enjoy the displays.

Steel Pier amusement park

Opened nearly a century ago, it is making a comeback. There are thrilling rides, a Ferris wheel, and other special attractions. You can also take a helicopter ride for a higher flying view. Hours vary by the season and the weather.

Absecon Lighthouse

For a fee, you can climb the 228 steps of this 171-foot-high lighthouse for a stunning view. Built in 1857, the black-and-white structure is the tallest of its kind in New Jersey and one of the country’s tallest. You can also explore the history museum inside or attend art exhibits, festivals, and shows.

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