It’s warm and sunny out today again! Maybe I can squeeze in a walk sometime this afternoon. I didn’t quite make my steps this week, but I was close.

This week’s activities:

I didn’t actually do anything this week except take a couple of walks. It was just a busy week. My “activities list” on fitbit does say I went outdoor biking twice. That actually translates as played the piano enough for it to think it was exercise.


Tuesday – Tuna rolls and mashed potatoes
Wednesday – “Chicken delight” (at church – and I didn’t find it particularly delightful)
Thursday – Spaghetti with marinara
Friday – Fish sandwich and macaroni and cheese
Saturday – French toast
Sunday – Hamburgers (with mashed avocado and cheese)  and baked pierogies
Monday – Pizza Hut Carryout

I might put healthy meals in a different color print next week. There weren’t any this week. 🙁

Tuesday’s tuna rolls:


Goals for February

I can make sure I at least do a yoga video tonight, since I never made it over to the studio. So, but then end of tomorrow I will have made half of my goals. Not so great.

Gym – 4 times (Current: 6) 
Pilates – 12 times (Current: 8 )
Yoga – 1
28 pts in the #Feburpee Challenge (Current: 13)

Goals for March

Gym – 4 times
Pilates – 12 times
Yoga – 1
62 pts in the #MarchUP Challenge

Meal ideas for next week:

“Skinny” eggplant parmesan (I still haven’t made this)
French bread pizza
Veggie wrap
The goal is to not eat out or grab takeout too often. I’ve been running short on time lately so need to plan better.

2018 Fitness Goals:

– Lose weight. Goal – Lose 25 lbs. (current: -6 lbs)
– Run 4 races of any length
– Hit my weekly step goal (average 8,000 steps/day) for 48 weeks. (Current total: 4)

How was your week? Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy at Joy’s Book Blog.


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