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Usually I prefer the book to the movie. Books have more space to develop plot lines, to let us get to know the characters, to allow for more subplots. But movies have the visual advantage obviously and the soundtrack.

In the past, when asked if there was a movie I liked better than the book, I’d say The Shining. The movie was just flat-out scarier than the book, but I’m not a huge Stephen King fan to begin with.

This year I have to add Strangers on a Train to the list. I read the book in February and then watched the Hitchcock movie shortly after. Hitchcock manages to show us the discomfort, guilt, menace, that Highsmith tells us, but never quite made me feel. Does that make sense? I did listen to the audio and wasn’t thrilled with the narrator, so that might color my view too. The book and movie are two different stories, both in terms of plot and characters as so often happens in adaptations, but my vote on this one would be for the movie any day.

What is your favorite movie you like better than the book? Join in at Maureen’s Books.


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