Reclaiming Control of Your Life

It probably didn’t happen overnight, but is something that overtook your serenity like ivy overtakes any structure it can attach to. You may not have even noticed the slow loss of control you were experiencing as family life, work and other obligations began consuming all of your personal time. Then one day you realize you can’t remember the last time you had a block of “me time” to enjoy a nap, a book or a long, peaceful walk. It’s important to your physical, mental and emotional health that you reclaim some personal time to relax, recharge and simply enjoy being solely in the company of self.

Starting Off

A day that starts off hectic often continues in that same manner. Preparing for the morning prior to going to bed can eliminate morning chaos. Getting and staying organized can help make mornings and entire days less hectic and frustrating. Doing everything possible to simplify daily tasks such as meal planning, packing lunches and household chores can help you reclaim some free time. Making a priority list helps a lot. When making the list, give serious consideration to what is absolutely necessary and what tasks you can be more flexible with in order to regain control of your schedule.

Make Personal Time a Necessity, Not an Option

Guard and protect your personal time. It can be a lifeline to better health and improved moods. Use this time to read, talk a walk, write in a journal or engage in a solitary activity that nurtures your soul. Pamper yourself with items such as a luxurious notebook for writing or indulgent treats to enjoy while relaxing and reading. Gather and share ideas with friends who are trying to reclaim their personal time. Candy gift baskets, a good book, thought-provoking bookmarks or a humorous card are great ways to encourage and support your friends who are trying to reclaim personal time. It’s also okay to give yourself one of these gifts to help you reclaim those serene moments that are so important to your health and sanity.


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