We just got back from dinner at David’s parents’ house. We took over baked rigatoni and hung out with them and his grandma for a while.

Week’s Highlights:

Yesterday we went to my brother’s to celebrate there of their kids’ birthdays. We had a fun afternoon. Their kids are adorable.


I’ve been reading Murder on Pointe by C. S. McDonald. It’s set in Pittsburgh, with the murder happening after a performance at the Benedum. I always enjoy reading books set in places I know.


We played Sagrada again this week and Lords of Waterdeep, which might be one of my favorites worker placement games.

Looking forward to:

We’re picking Amber up for Sping break on Saturday. It will be nice having her home for the week.

This is the project she just finished for her icon painting class:


    1. Glad to see you were able to comment this week. I don’t know why things are wonky one week and not the next.
      I’m thinking about picking up a couple of books that take place in Charleston and/or Asheville before our trip in the fall.

  1. I’ll have to mention the games you play to a friend of mine who’s into games, although knowing him, he probably already knows them. 🙂 That icon is very well done by your daughter. It definitely looks like it could be hung in a church or a home.

    Is this a new theme on your blog? Whether it is or not, I like it. Very clear and minimalistic which I like. I often read your blog in the feed reader so don’t always see the theme here…or maybe don’t pay attention to it.

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