The Last Temptations of Iago Wick by Jennifer RaineyThe Last Temptations of Iago Wick by Jennifer Rainey
Series: Lovelace & Wick #1
Published by Amazon Digital Service on February 19, 2017
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genres: Historical Fantasy
Pages: 222
Format: eBook
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The city of Marlowe, Massachusetts is a lovely place to settle down… just ask its two resident demons.

For centuries, Iago Wick and his partner, Dante Lovelace, have meddled in the affairs of Man for the benefit of Hell—and had a damnably good time doing it.

Everything changes when a peculiar demon hunter with a murky past comes to Marlowe and sets his sights on Iago. Mr. Wick is all too happy to grant him a game of cat and mouse. After all, a little distraction from his Hellish duties does an old demon good.

But soon, Iago and Dante find themselves entangled in the mystery surrounding the strange hunter, and the line between danger and excitement becomes a blurry one. What happens when Iago gets a little too close? Is working for Hell really all it’s cracked up to be? And why is the idea of freewill suddenly so appealing?

Join a diverse and eccentric cast of demons and the hunters who hunt them in this wickedly witty tale of Victorian adventure and infernal mayhem.

The Last Temptations of Iago Wick is such a fun book. Yes, Iago Wick and Dante Lovelace are demons, but they’re not evil. Well, maybe a bit, but mostly it’s because temptation and catastrophe are their callings. Lucifer gave demons a purpose. They really do enjoy people, like being on earth (it’s way better than Hell, even for a demon).

Iago is a tempter. The souls he’s after are already well on their way to hell, he just gives the final push. His current assignment involves the men in a secret society. that has done some pretty nasty things to a lot of people over the years.

But there’s this inventor, relatively new in town, who realizes that the town’s recent spate of deaths is due to a demon. And Iago might be in more danger than he expects.

The book really is delightful. It’s funny in a dry way. It’s got demons with their own moral code and their own dilemmas. There’s an angel who recognizes that maybe demons have worth aside from what they are. There’s the inventor, who is pretty awesome for a number of reasons. It’s a perfect fall read, a bit of light horror, a bit of the supernatural, and anti-heroes I can root for.

About Jennifer Rainey

Jennifer Rainey is a sometimes-author, sometimes-folk singer from Central Ohio who has always had a love for fantasy, history, and the paranormal. She is woefully dependent upon tea and simply cannot drive past an antique mall without stopping.


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