I love mysteries, but usually only do one mystery reading challenge a year. This year, I’m going to sign up for a couple more. It may be my year of the mystery.

Calendar of Crime, hosted by Bev at My Reader’s Block, sounds fun.

The goal is to read twelve books, one representing each month. Each month comes with several categories (see chart above) that may be selected to fulfill that month’s reading. To claim a book, it must fit one of the categories for the month you wish to fulfill. Unless otherwise specified, the category is fulfilled within the actual story. for instance, if you are claiming the book for December and want to use “Christmas” as the category, then Christmas must figure in some in the plot. Books do not have to be read during the month for which they qualify.

All participants who complete the challenge will be eligible for an end-of-year prize drawing. There will also be a “My Calendar’s Booked” prize for the challenger who fills their calendar with the most books, so you are encouraged to read more than one category for each month.

The hashtag is #CalendarOfCrime2020.






  1. Malice at the Palace by Rhys Bowen (word starting with M)



  1. Lost Hills by Lee Goldberg (takes place in the US)


  1. Wonton Terror by Vivien Chien (original publication month)


  1. Crowned and Dangerous by Rhys Bowen (author’s birth month)



  1. Police at the Funeral by Margery Allingham (family relationships play a major role)


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