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Week’s Highlight:

Our week was actually pretty quiet. It’s not really a highlight, but a superload got stuck in front of my office for two hours on Monday. I had to walk somewhere for lunch and the only walkable place when it’s cold out is Dollar General. Ours does not have good food choices.


I’m about halfway through Orlando. I might read some of it later this evening.

This week’s posts:


We watch The Irishman on Netflix last night. It was really good. I think Amber even liked although she had never heard of Hoffa before. Turns out neither she nor David has seen The Godfather, so we may have to watch that before she goes back to school.

Looking forward to:

I have tomorrow off work, so I think Amber and I are heading up to the Carnegie Natural History/Art Museum


  • Don’t you think it’s a little crazy the things we try to pull down the road? They are building a whole lot of wind turbines in Texas and apparently the parts for these are coming in the port of Houston, because every day I see huge wing-like appendages being pulled down the highway. I can’t imagine what you could have possibly found at Dollar General for lunch.

    The Irishman sounds interesting. I just watched The Two Popes, and now I want to talk about it. Such a fascinating mix of characters.

    Enjoy your day off tomorrow. I’m eager to hear about your visit to the museum.

  • I hadn’t heard anything about The Irishman. May need to add it to our list to watch. And I’d be pretty peeved about having to walk to food! Hope that doesn’t happen too often!

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