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It’s amazing how much has changed around here due to the coronavirus in the past week. I hope everyone is staying calm and healthy.

Amber’s home. Oberlin pushed Spring Break up and then they’ll be doing remote learning for the remainder of the semester. We’re setting up a corner of the finished basement as her art area and ordered a six foot tall easel, like the ones she uses at school.

As of 9:00 this evening, all the restaurants and bars in the state will be closed for dining, they can only do carryout and delivery. We’ve all seen the flattened curve by this point, let’s hope this social distancing works. It might be a long few weeks though.

Week’s Highlight:

David and I went to see The Chieftains with the Pittsburgh Symphony Monday, before everything was getting cancelled. It was an excellent show.


Next weekend is the #24in48 Readathon: The Social Distancing Edition. From the website:

I’ll definitely be joining in. Any excuse to read is a good one.

Last week’s post:


I have a feeling we’ll be watching a few movies over the next couple of weeks. Friday we watched Bombshell, which was really good.

On tv, we’ve been watching Survivor and an occasional episode of Father Brown.


I like reading challenges, but I also do a couple of boargame challenges. The top one is 100 different games, once each, and the bottom is 10 games, 10 times each. So far I’m on track.

Looking forward to:

Probably a lot of staying at home, hanging out with David and Amber. And trying to not get sick.


  • I’d like to have a better variety of board games but they are so expensive here, between $60 & $120 for anything other than basic family games like Connect 4 or Trouble. I told my son If we have to self isolate her can run a D&D game for the family 🙂

    Wishing you a great reading week and good health

  • Felicity Grace terry

    Scary times indeed. Whilst being in the group our government here in the UK class as vulnerable I am of course worried about this virus but at the moment I’m actually more worried that we are hearing so many reports of the inhumanity of certain factions of society – of people stock piling foodstuffs and stealing hand sanitiser from hospitals … the list goes on. Thank goodness that we are now also beginning to hear reports of wonderful acts of kindness.
    Like many of my fellow Brits I’m also wishing for clear and concise information when so far all we are getting is vague and contradictory guidance.
    Hoping you and yours are well, stay safe

  • As much as life has been disrupted around here I am thankful for our governor for being proactive and on top of it. Except the election – as a poll worker he really messed that up, but everything else I’m feeling good about. We are lucky we live in a state with solid leadership.

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