Death in Damascus by Karen Baugh MenuhinDeath in Damscus by Karen Baugh Menuhin
Narrator: Sam Dewhurst-Phillips
Series: Heathcliff Lennox #4
Published by the author on June 5, 2020
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Genres: Mystery
Length: 7 hrs 38 mins
Pages: 318
Format: Audiobook
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A 1920s Murder Mystery - Death in the desert with intrigue, adventure and a dog of distinction.

There's a damsel in distress and accusations of attempted murder flying around, but it's not in the comfortable confines of the English countryside, it's in the very distant city of Damascus.

Lennox must go and investigate, although he's not too keen on exotic locations, and his old retainer, Greggs is distinctly averse to the very idea. Nevertheless, ex-Chief Inspector Swift persuades them and they reach the ancient city to discover a movie crew, a spy, and a couple of mysterious ladies. Nobody seems to be telling the truth, they all have secrets, and there's one secret in particular that's drawn them like bees to the honeypot. But what is it? And then there's murder, and mysteries from the ancient past, and a handsome Sheik who remains in the shadows. Heathcliff Lennox and Swift must investigate and use all their ingenuity to unravel the enigma that lies hidden deep below the dusty streets of ancient Damascus.

Major Heathcliff Lennox, ex-WW1 war pilot, six feet 3 inches, unruly dark blond hair, age around 30 - named after the hero of Wuthering Heights by his romantically minded mother - much to his great annoyance. Death in Damascus is the fourth book in the Lennox series.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this series. I love Lennox and his relationships with his butler Greggs and with his friend Detective Swift. I love his affection for animals, especially his delightful dog, Mr. Fogg. That being said, I did not enjoy this as much as the others. In this one he and Swift go off to Damascus, Syria, to help out lovely Persi Carruthers, the archaeologist we met in the previous book and who now may be Lennox’s love interest. It seems she needs help proving the innocence of her ex-fiance, who has been accused of murder and is in the custody of the French police in Damascus. I don’t know if it’s the change of scenery, maybe I prefer Lennox to stay in England, or the not very believable romance- Lennox and Persi have little chemistry and most of their interactions are stiff- but this one was just not as good as the first three.

Percy’s ex-fiance has been accused of attempting to kill actress Josephine Belvoir, who actually ends up being killed right as Lennox and Swift show up on the scene. She was the star of a movie being made in Damascus by an American movie company. There is also a bit of a mystery involving an ancient Phoenician treasure that everybody seems to want. Does this have a connection to the death? There are movie stars and crew, ex-spies and current spies, several locals such as the police and workers in the hotel Lennox, Swift, and that American movie company are staying at, and a mysterious, powerful sheikh. It’s all a bit more farce than I prefer.

I’m happy Lennox will be heading back to England in #5.

About Karen Baugh Menuhin

At 60, Karen Baugh Menuhin decided to write, and suddenly the stories came pouring out, along with the characters. Eccentric Uncles, stalwart butlers, idiosyncratic servants, machinating Countesses, and the hapless Major Heathcliff Lennox.

An itinerate traveller all her life, she grew up in the military, often on RAF bases but preferring to be in the countryside when they could.

She is living and writing in the Cotswolds with her dear husband Krov. Krov is a professional writer, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, professional diver, pilot, ex US special forces soldier, and the eldest son of violinist, Yehudi Menuhin.

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