Amber and I started December by reading two of her old favorite Christmas books. They are both too young for her, really, but she enjoys rereading them every year.

what-couldWhat Could Be Keeping Santa? by Marilyn Janovitz

The reindeer are concerned because Santa is late on Christmas Eve: “Reindeer standing in a row,/Shadows falling on the snow,/The sleigh is packed, all set to go!/What could be keeping Santa?” After checking the decorations on the tree, watching the clock, and glancing nervously up the fireplace, the worried animals finally knock on their boss’s door, but don’t worry, Santa would never miss Christmas.

This is a cute story perfect for reading aloud at bedtime, with its lilting rhyming text. The illustrations are adorable and what kid can’t relate to excitement as Christmas approaches, hoping that Santa will come soon.


Merry Christmas, Princess Dinosaur! by Jill Kastner

Princess Dinosaur enjoys Christmas Eve, giving gifts to her toy-box friends, and imploring Santa with a giant message in the snow. She ends up falling asleep while waiting for Santa, though.

I’m not a big Princess Dinosaur fan, even though Amber does like her. I see the appeal in a dinosaur book aimed at girls and the pictures are bright and colorful, but, for me, the story line is lacking. And I think that Santa could have brought Princess Dinosaur a better present.


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