img_39251My husband and I went to the Festival of Mystery held by the Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Oakmont, PA, on Monday. It took us about an hour and a half to get there, but we did hit some rush-hour traffic.

I had a great time, and my husband didn’t complain at all. You have to love him. Books are not his thing and the Penguins played that night, but he knew I was looking forward to it. There were at least 40 authors there, signing books and doing short interviews. The place was packed.

img_3923I got to meet a bunch of the authors, all of whom were friendly and nice. Some I had never heard of, some I’ve read everything by. The picture on the left is me with Leann Sweeney. img_3924

The one on the right is me with Shirley Damsgaard (left) and Ellen Crosby (right).  David held the camera, the wallet and the coffee and I got to wander around all I wanted. Thanks, honey!

Of course, I couldn’t leave without a pile of books all signed by the authors. Most are for me, but I did get one for Amber and one for our niece. Amber loved the book when I brought it home, especially since it had her name in it, in addition to the author’s signature.


I would have picked up more, but I couldn’t justify spending the money for a hardback copy of The Bordeaux Betrayal by Ellen Crosby. Also, Kimberly Frost had sold out of her Would-Be Witch and Judi McCoy was out of copies of Hounding the Pavement, although she did give us a biscuit for our dog. I also have a few others in mind that I need to add to my to-read list.


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