larryboyLarryboy Versus the Volcano by Doug Peterson

From the cover:

When Larryboy and his superhero buddies are invited to Superhero Island, they are in for a surprise of volcanic proportions. Trouble erupts when Larryboy discovers he’s a second-class citizen, because he doesn’t have “super” powers like his buddies. Bumblyburg’s newest supervillain, Chili Pepper and his henchman Coconut, are cooking up a plot for disaster to destroy all superheroes. Will Larryboy help after his vacation is ruined and his friends treat him poorly? Kids will enjoy the adventure of finding out as Larryboy tumbles into a secret hideaway and uncovers Chili Pepper’s tourist trap. But is it too late when the volcano explodes? Will Larryboy save himself or will he save the day before the island is covered in hot, molten chili? How will Larryboy learn that everyone is important in God’s eyes, even after being excluded from his friends?

My thoughts:

This is a cute, short chapter book. The characters are classic VeggieTales, and the message is, of course, Bible-based, but presented in a fun way that kids can relate to. Who hasn’t felt left out at some point, or less than special? My one complaint is that the jokes work better in the cartoons. The books are still funny, but not laugh-out-loud, like the shows are. Amber enjoyed it, but she asked me to look for another of Larryboy’s adventures, at leat not yet.

My library goal for today, according to Amber, is to get another in the Bunnicula series. I’m going to try to talk her into going with me, though, so she can find it for herself.

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