Last weekend we went to the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio. We played a few games in the exhibition hall that seemed pretty fun. We haven’t picked any of them up yet, but probably will, eventually.

ninjaNinja Versus Ninja

Your Ninjas must defend the honor of their dojo against a rival dojo. Victory hinges on eliminating Ninjas and skillfully venturing into the opponent’s dojo. But how far do your Ninjas dare to go… and will they return?

I crushed David at this, but it was cute, quick and fun. Amber could play this one easily, too.

amuse amazeAmuse Amaze

Race to spell your way through the maze. Use and pick up letters tiles as you go. Block opponents and thwart their moves. Collect the target cards. If you’re hedged in, use your gardener card to cut through.

This one would be for me. I love word games and this one looks like a lot of fun. I may actually be able to get people to play with me, too, because you don’t have to be able to spell long words, just words to get you from one place to another.

talesTales of the Arabian Nights

In Tales of the Arabian Nights, you are the hero or heroine in a story of adventure and wonder just like those told by Scheherazade to her spellbound sultan! You will travel the land seeking your own destiny and fortune. You will learn stories and gain wisdom to share with others. Will you be the first to fulfill your destiny? The next Tale is yours to tell! There is, of course, a winner in Tales of the Arabian Nights, but the point of the game is less to see who wins and more to enjoy the unfolding and telling of a great story!

In this new edition of the groundbreaking storytelling game, you enter the lands of the Arabian Nights alongside Sindbad, Ali Baba, and the other legendary heroes of the tales. Travel the world encountering imprisoned princesses, powerful ‘efreets, evil viziers, and such marvels as the Magnetic Mountain and the fabled Elephant’s Graveyard.

Choose your actions carefully and the skills you possess will reward you: become beloved, wealthy, mighty — even become sultan of a great land. Choose foolishly, however, and become a beggar, or be cursed with a beast’s form or become insane from terror! YOU will bring to life the stories of the inestimable Book of Tales in this vastly replayable board game with over 2002 tales that will challenge, amuse, astound and spellbind you for years to come.

This is a longer, more complicated game, but I love that it will never be the same twice. The theme’s great, too. It might be a lot of reading, though, which makes David a little leery.

witsWits & Wagers

Not a trivia buff? It doesn’t matter!

  • Everyone writes down a guess to a question
  • Place the guesses face up on the betting mat.
  • Bet on which guess is closest to the correct answer, even if it’s not your own.

Think you know it? Bet on your own guess. Think you know who the experts are? Bet on them!

Fun, fun, fun! At least David and I thought so. I’m not sure if our group of friends will like it or not. We’ll have to see.

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