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What’s the most serious book you’ve read recently?
(I figure it’s easier than asking your most serious boook ever, because, well, it’s recent!)

“Serious” is a hard one. What makes a book serious? It’s tone, it’s topic? If it makes me really think about the subject? I’m not sure, and I don’t read many books that I consider truly serious. Looking at my list of recent reads, only one really jumps out at me, Bread and Wine, wich I finished back in May.

What about you ? What serious books have you read recently?


  • I had a hard time deciding what makes a book “serious,” too. A lot of things to consider. Humorous or “lightweight” books frequently have serious ideas at their heart.

  • Just finished reading and reviewing an ARC of Dragon House by John Shors, which will be in the bookstores Sept. 1. About the street children in Ho Chi Minh City and the plight. Reminds me of the plight of all homeless children around the world.

  • I don’t read books that are terribly “serious” as a general rule! Tone and topic definitely contribute to that seriousness. And anything that deals with large social issues, death, terrible family life, etc., definitely depress me! 🙂

    Probably the most “serious” book I’ve read lately was Amy Bloom’s Away, detailing the life of a Russian woman who arrives in America after the brutal slayings of her family in pogroms. She crosses the country looking for a daughter who may or may not be alive. Definitely no laughs in that one! 🙂 But it was really good.

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