Monopoly Monopoly is a classic boardgame. You know the one. You buy properties, charge each other rent, and basically hope to make everyone but you broke and begging. This week we played one game at our house spread out over 4 evenings. We played with short game rules, too, and it still took us probably a total of three hours. We could leave it set up and it’s easier to play if you’re not playing the whole game in one sitting, especially when one of the players is nine years old. She won by the way. Crushed us. And we weren’t even playing nicely.

What amazes me though is the variety of Monopoly games available. We played the Littlest Pet Shop Edition, but I’ve seen Transformers, Spiderman, Sponge Bob, in addition to the classic version, electronic, and on and on. There is one for anybody.


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