Ansel AdamsAnsel Adams in Color edited by Harry M. Callahan with John P. Schaefer and Andrea G. Stillman

I’m sure most everyone in America is familiar with Ansel Adams’ work, whether they recognize it as his or not. His gorgeous black and white scenic photographs are simply breathtaking. This book, however, contains a collection of his color images and I think they’re beautiful, too. The colors are vivid in some, more subtle in others.

However, color in itself has a profound emotional potential.  (pg. 154)

This book includes an essay discussing Adams’ sometimes conflicting views on color photography and a selection of Adam’s writings on the subject in the back. These were fascinating and gave me a better perspective on photography in general and Adams in particular. I also didn’t realize that Adams was a pianist, either, which I found particularly interesting.

Toward the end of his life, Ansel wrote a letter including some thoughts on color photography.

I can truthfully say I can remember only two or three color photographs that are worth remembering. There are thousand of painting I can’t get out of my mind. People are skeptical about my thought on color. I do not blame them, as I have protested it, and have not shown color pictures. I feel the urge now and only wish I was sixty years younger. (pg. 155)

This collection just adds to his body of work. There is a reason he is known for his black and white pictures. They are undeniably timeless and unforgettable. The pictures in this book are not as striking, in my opinion, but they are still wonderful.

My copy was provided by the publisher for review and the above is my honest opininion. I am an Amazon Associate.


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