IMG_4049The Runaway Mummy by Michael Rex

When a little mummy gets in trouble, he begins an imaginary game of chase with his mother. When her child becomes a serpent, gargoyle, or huge bat, the mother becomes the sea monster, dragon, or ancient cathedral necessary to be with her child. Only when the little mummy becomes a boy (actually a bunny) who takes karate and learns to play piano does his mother have to use her most savage, awful, terrible, bloodcurdling shriek to save him.

Amber (9) and I read this adorable picture book last night. It’s a little young for her, but perfect for the season and she liked it, especially the great illustrations. A dragon, a sea monster, a giant bat, how could she resist? The creatures the two mummies imagine themselves as are a little on the scary side, but bright, colorful and fun. It’s a perfect Halloween book for the younger set. Even a mummy’s mommy loves him, no matter what.

Our copy was borrowed from the library and the above is our honest opinion. I am an Amazon Associate.


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