the 13 days fo halloweenThe 13 Days of Halloween by Carol Greene, illustrated by Tim Raglan

We’ve been reading some Halloween books at bedtime this week. I won this enchanting book at Lit*Chick. Thanks, Melanie! When it first showed up in the mail, Amber (9) immediately sat down  look through it. The cover must have caught her attention. I complained, jokingly, that she should wait for me to read it with her, but she, of course, said we could read it together later. We did read it the next night. She is one of those kids who will read books over and over and enjoy them every time.

On the first day of Halloween, my good friend gave to me: a vulture in a dead tree.

A ghastly ghoul gives his ghostly love a collection of perfectly creepy gifts, from broomsticks to cauldron, cats to bats. The repeating verse is almost impossible to read aloud without singing and the illustrations are the perfect compliment, eerie enough to be fun but not scary.

I think this one will be a wonderful addition to our yearly Halloween traditions. It’s geared for ages 4-8, but it’s just so much fun. It’s a great read aloud, sing-along treat.

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