Chosen by Desire by Kate Perry

I’m a sucker for a fun hot romance, especially one with a touch of the paranormal, so this was right up my alley. I loved it. By the way, this is the second of the Guardians of Destiny, after Marked by Passion, but I didn’t feel like I missed much by not reading the first.

Carrie is working on finishing her thesis and needs final proof before she leaves China: Wei Lin’s journal. She ends up “borrowing” it from a monastery, along with another scroll, the legendary Book of Water. She just kinda got stuck, stealing is not something she would usually do.

Here begins the Book of Water, wherein lies the truth about man and energy. For energy is but a tool, good or bad determined by he who wields it… (pg. 44)

Max, the alpha hero who is living as a monk, sees her steal the scrolls and follows her back to California, determined to retrieve them.

In a typical romance set-up, Max has been betrayed before and doesn’t at first believe that Carrie is as innocent as she seems. He is still drawn to her, though, and can’t resist. Carrie, of course, has her own issues. They’re a good couple. He’s brooding, bossy and over-protective. She’s her own person, not willing to just go along with whatever he says, but of course they both need each other. There’s a lot of action along the way, with others looking for the scroll and threatening Carrie’s life.

The paranormal is really a side light to the story. Max has some powers, but they only come in to play occasionally, which I like. I was glad the the romance was the center of the story. And of course, it has a happy ending, a necessity for me.

She didn’t need to ask what he thought. the way he smiled, slow and full, like the sun coming out from a long bout of night, was answer enough. (pg. 350)

So, do you like your romance action-packed, with a touch of paranormal and some hot sex, like I do? I’m giving away one copy of Chosen by Desire, thanks to the publisher. To enter, just leave me a comment below by December 6. I’ll announce the winner on December 7. Sharing somewhere, somehow will get you an extra entry, just make sure to let me know. This one’s open to the US and Canada only, no PO boxes, and you need to be 18+.


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