Secrets of a Christmas Box by Steven Hornby

(Suggested reading level: Ages 9-12)

This book is a magical read for December. One of the tree-dwellers, Larry, a glass snowman, has waken up on the tree after a long sleep only to discover that his brother is missing. Larry, his girlfriend Debbie, their pet Tinsel and a new-comer to the tree, break the rules, leave the tree and set off to find Larry’s brother. On their journey through the house they face many dangers, not the least of which is the cat, and learn a deadly secret about their safe world on the tree.

Amber (9) and I read this together and both enjoyed it. To use Amber’s words, “Larry and Splint rock! It’s awesome.” It was a fun read, with lots of adventure for the pint-sized heroes and Amber definitely did not see the twist coming at the end. I did, but that’s partly because I had to peek ahead, just to make sure that all three were safe.

This will definitely be one we read again next year. I can see reading it out loud to younger kids, too. It’s delightful. I doubt Amber and I will look at the ornaments on the tree in quite the same way. Imagine what kind of mischief they may be getting into when we’re all sound asleep.


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