The Handy Answer Book for Kids (and Parents) by Gina Misiroglu

The title sums this book up. It answers a myriad of questions with brief, usually only one or two paragraph, clear responses, so while you may have to look elsewhere for more in-depth info, this gives you at least an answer to start with. It covers everything from outer space to math to animals. It answers questions like “What is a booger?” and “How does a cellular phone work?” The sheer variety of topics is amazing, really. “What is Euclid’s elements?” I had no idea. “How thick is a lightning bolt?” I never even considered the question. It even explains why women in some countries wear veils.

Of course, it can’t cover everything. For example, I wanted to see what it said about Christmas – nothing. But I did find “Are angels real?”

In many religions, angels are powerful spiritual beings who live with God but who sometimes become involved in the lives of people on Earth, often bringing God’s messages to them. According to the Bible, for instance, the angel Gabriel appeared before the Virgin Mary and announced she would become the mother of Jesus Christ. …The answer to the question of whether angels are real, then, is a matter of faith. (pg. 276)

I didn’t come close to reading all the questions and answers. I figure we’ll get to a lot of them eventually, as subjects come up. Featuring 800 questions and 100 color photographs and illustrations, this is a great resource for kids who are full of questions (and their parents).

I received my copy from the publicist for review and the above is my honest opinion. I am an Amazon Associate.


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