I may have mentioned before that my husband really likes pirates, is fascinated by them,w hich is why we have this game.

Rum and Pirates

Designer: Stefan Feld

Manufacturers: Alea, Rio Grande Games

Artists: Claus Stephan

Year: 2006

Players: 2 – 5

Time: 60 – 75 minutes

Ages: 9 and up

The pirates are not on board ship; they’re in town. Each player has his group of pirates and he moves them and the captain up and down the alleys looking for treasure maps or treasure chests, in addition to supplies. Sometimes there are fights with the guards and of course every pirate needs to stop by a pub or two.  At the end of the day, they head back to the ship and wrangle for the few sleeping places available there, which is why at our house the game is called Pirate Nap. Everything earns the player points, positive or negative.

It’s a fun, light game. The rules aren’t difficult and it’s easy to catch on to. I actually think Amber (9) could play, but I don’t know that the emphasis on pubs and gambling is really appropriate for her age group. It’s not a game we play often, but it’s fun once in a while, as a change from our more “intensive” games.

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