101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle by Dawn Del Russo, illustrated by Barbara Ann Scarrillo

I had to sit down and read this the same day it came. It just grabbed my attention. It really is a fun, quick little book filled with 101 tips. Maybe you won’t be ultra chic if you follow them, but you will feel good about yourself and have that extra sparkle. Some of the tips are fun and flirty, like #2 Flaunt Luscious Lashes. Others are more practical, like take a walk or carry an umbrella. Some take a little money, like a weekly manicure, but others are free. I think it can help even me get a step or two closer to glamorous.

This is just a cute, witty book. It’s like tidbits of advice from girlfriends and stylists, and it would make a perfect little gift for friends. My mom’s already asked to borrow it.

Tip #70

Make Life a Special Occasion

Everyday should be treated like a special occasion,
so go ahead, treat yourself! (pg. 78)

Challenges: 100+

My copy was provided by the author for review and the above is my honest opinion. I am an Amazon associate.


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