Cranium Super Showdown

Publisher: Cranium, Inc.
Year Published: 2006
# of Players: 4-6
Playing Time: 20 minutes
Suggested Age: 8 and up

I tend to like Cranium’s games, and this is another good one. It a funny, goofy game perfect for families. It gets everyone thinking in illogically logical ways.

You use cards in your hand to pick wacky challengers to take on crazy contests, like monster truck rallies and bubble-gum bubble blowing. Who would win a pie-eating contest: a monkey with backup dancers or a pirate on a pogo stick? Everyone gets to state their case and the judge decides who would win. The person(s) whose character wins earns coins for that round, and everyone gets a chance to be the judge.

It sounds silly but it really is a blast. We’ve even played without keeping score, just to see what silly combinations end up being the best at the contests. Or who can come up with the most creative explanations that are still reasonable in a kind of twisted way. It encourages kids, and adults, to use their imaginations.

We received our copy as a gift and the above is my honest opinion. I am an Amazon associate.


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