Cecile, from All I Want and More,was kind enough to pass on a bunch of awards to a great list of blogger, a list that she was kind enough to include me on. Here are a couple of the awards that I haven’t received before.

The Bodacious Blogger Award asks me to list the last five books I read, so here they are.

The Miracle Worker by William Gibson
The Journey that Saved Curious George
by Louise Borden
by Marjane Satrapi
Strega Nona
by Tomie dePaola
by Natalie Babbitt

And she passed on the Great Neighbor Award, too. Thanks so much, Cecile. I’d like to pass these both on to all of my blogging friends. You are all bodacious bloggers and great neighbors!

I only received one book in the mail this week, another comic strip collection.

Speaking of cartoons, my giveaway for The Knight Life by Keith Knight is open through June 13. You can enter here.

Aside from the fact that I didn’t get any time to read, we had a really nice weekend. Saturday, we left bright and early, well not so bright since it was storming, and headed up to Cleveland for our friend’s ordination and a small party afterwards. I’ve never been to an ordination and am not used to Episcopal services so it was an interesting morning. I could have done without the incense, though.

Saturday evening, we went to David and I went to game night at our church. Se were the youngest people there probably by 20 some odd years, but it was fun, and I finally learned how to play Mexican Train and Chicken Foot, two domino games. I’m going to try to convince our friends to play next weekend. We have a Mexican Train set, but never knew how to play.

We watched Public Enemies this weekend, too. I love Johnny Depp, but wasn’t impressed with the movie. Maybe I was too tired or I don’t know Dillinger’s story well enough, but I kept getting the characters confused. And he fell in love with the lady immediately, which seemed a little out of character.

I don’t have much on the calendar for this coming week. Amber’s last day of school is today, but she’s got a whole list of things she wants to do over the summer.

What’s up for you this week? Anything fun planned?


  • Congrats on the award, or rather awards. Too bad about the movie, it was one I haven’t seen yet and wanted to… I might wait a while longer now…

    Have a great week Carol!

  • Congratulations on your awards! We love Mexican Train dominoes, but haven’t heard of Chicken Foot. Sorry you didn’t like Public Enemies – I liked it a lot and even bought the book after I saw it.

  • stacybuckeye

    Congratulations on your awards! The only two domino games I know how to play are chicken feet and mexican train 🙂 I love Johnny Depp and can watch him in just about anything, but I haven’t seen this one yet. Gangster movies are probably my least favorite after westerns.

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