Alphabet Woof! by Sherrie A. Madia,
illustrated by Patrick Carlson

(Suggested age range: pre-school – grade 2. It’s a nice one to read aloud.)

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the PBS cartoon Martha Speaks, but when I read the summary of this picture that’s exactly what I though of. I mean really, how often do dogs gain the ability to speak by drinking soup. That’s were the similarity ends though. Moxie, the dog in Alphabet Woof! talks a lot, about everything and anything.

“You know BONES,” he began, “may not be ideal. I mean, sure, they’re delicious, but are they a meal?…”

This started another long session of noise. Of collars, the mailman, and his most-loved chew toys. ( pg.15)

Eventually, Moxy gets his fifteen minutes of fame,but in the end Moxy and the reader remembers that those you love and who love you are the ones who really matter.

It’s a cute, rhyming story, with bright illustrations.  I read it with Amber (10) who said it was cute for little kids, but she’s too old for rhyming books. I can totally see her point, there is a sing-songy quality that young kids enjoy.

By the way, did you know that October is the American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Dog Month? Scrappy came from a shelter as did both of my in-law’s dogs. If you need another reason to purchase this book for a kid in your life, aside from the fact that it’s about a talking dog, a portion of the proceeds benefits the SPCA International.

Published February 15, 2010 by MommyDaughter Productions
28 pages

Challenges: 100+

I received my copy from the author for review and the above is my honest opinion. I am an Amazon associate.

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