We played Stone Age last weekend. I talked a little about the game last year. At that time I said that I felt like I was getting an idea on what it took to win. I was wrong.

Here’s the blurb:

The times were hard indeed. Our ancestors worked with their legs and backs straining against wooden plows in the stony earth. Of course, progress did not stop with the wooden plow. People always searched for better tools and more productive plants to make their work more effective.

In Stone Age, the players live in this time, just as our ancestors did. They collect wood, break stone and wash their gold from the river. They trade freely, expand their village, and so achieve new levels of civilization. With a balance of luck and planning, the players compete for food in this pre-historic time.

Risk and grow as your ancestors did. Only then the victory ring sings to you!

I never, ever win. I can’t even put my finger on why. You get stuff, buy stuff, feed your guys. There is a little luck involved in dice rolls, but overall I’m just not good at the game. I think part of my problem is that I never cultivate fields, so I always have to send at least a guy or two out to hunt and gather, instead of getting other resource. So if I know that, why can’t I change my strategy? Got me. Do you have any games like that, where you know your strategy doesn’t work but you just can’t seem to change it?

Of course, it probably doesn’t help that I go into the game more or less assuming I’m going to lose.

Okay, my guy, the yellow one,  is ahead on the scoring chart in this photo, but it was only temporary. The other players hadn’t added up their scores yet.

As you can see, the board is nice-looking and all the components are good quality. It’s a good game, just not one I’m even remotely decent at.

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Purchase at Funagain Games.

The copy we play is owned by a friend and the above is my honest opinion. I am an Amazon and Funagain Games affiliate


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