Blue Christmas by Mary Kay Andrews

It’s tinsel – light, sparkly, fun, but at the end of the season it gets tossed with the tree.

Weezie is an antiques dealer in Savannah, a character first introduced in Savannah Blues which I read several years ago. This one stands on its own well, though. Weezie’s in a frenzy to decorate her shop for the annual contest. Her Blue Christmas/1950s theme turns out gorgeous, even out-shining the competitor down the block, but things start to go missing and a mysterious woman has been making after-hours visits to the shop. Daniel, Weezie’s chef boyfriend, is worried, but he has his hands full at his restaurant.

Overall, it’s enjoyable, the touches of romance, a little mystery that leads to a heart-warming ending. Everything I’m looking for in a seasonal read.

I actually listened to the audio version read by Isabel Keating. I will say that she was perfect for Weezie’s voice, but she didn’t do the male character’s as well in my opinion. I actually found it a little distracting and wished that she hadn’t tried to do men’s voices at all.

I actually finished listening to this a week or two ago and it really did get me into the decorating spirit. I adore Christmas decorations. I had my tree and lights up the weekend after Thanksgiving. All I still have left to do is get out my Christmas dishes, or at least more than the three we use for dinner every night.

I even pull all the books off my shelf in for the month. Well, except for the Christmassy ones you see in the photo.

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Southern Series #3

5 hours, 1 minute
First published 2006

3 out of 5 stars

Challenges: 100+, A to Z, Holiday Reading

I borrowed my copy from the library and the above is my honest opinion.


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