Have I mentioned that Scrabble Flash is totally addictive? I admit that I have a fondness for word games in general, but you can stick this one in your purse, pull it out whenever you want, play solo and just keep playing. I like the game where it gives you 5 letter and you have to figure out what word they spell before time runs out. If you get it right it gives you another and another until you miss one.


I’ll be staring at the letters, unable to figure it out and then suddenly – Aha! Hyena! And  then a new one – R T A E H. Earth. Seems easy enough, but the time limit adds pressure and the words seem to get harder the longer you play. Definitely a fun game, alone or with others. I’m glad David found it for me for Christmas, with direction from Amber. Of course, you can always purchase it at Amazon.


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