My daughter is a meat-lover through and through, and her favorite is bacon. I don’t understand it myself. While I find bacon too salty and greasy, she would eat it every day. Sadly, in her opinion, I only buy it once in a great while, partly because I just don’t think it’s that healthy and partly because I may the grocery list, so usually it consists of mostly things I like.

Bacon is one of the first foods she learned to cook herself  – the microwave makes it easy. And it’s not just for breakfast. She also asks for those little round steaks wrapped in bacon, one of my least favorite meals. When we went to Packs and Dogs a while ago, she ordered a hot dog covered with bacon and devoured it. Potato soup apparently needs crumbled bacon on top, as do potato skins.

For the record, though don’t buy bacon-flavored microwave popcorn. Thanks to my brother she got three packs at Christmas. Now she munched it down, thought it was the best popcorn ever. My complaint – it stinks. It smells like something’s burning – not an unfamiliar smell in our house, but usually it’s because I actually am burning something. This is just nasty.

So, bacon, love it? Hate it?


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