I entered a great short story writing contest Pia’s running over at So Many Books, So Little Time, So Here’s Mine. And I mean really short, as in ten sentences.

From her blog:

If there was such a contest to write a story in 10 sentences or less, could you? Would you do it? If you’re game, then let the good times begin.

The Fun Contest/Challenge
1. In 10 sentences or less write a short story in the genre of choice.
Please include what genre it is.
2. Enter the story in the comments below and please INCLUDE your email address.
3. Like our FB Page So Many Books, So Little Time, So Here’s Mine
4. The more entries we have the more fun it will be so please repost in Twitter, FB or your blog and mention where you did.

Contest Ends
May 7th at 10pm EST

There will be 5 books in different genres (U.S. and Canada only) to be given away and a $10 Amazon Gift Card (open to U.S. and International).

Chick Lit- Time Of My Life by Allison Winn Scotch
Fantasy- The Fruit Of The Dendragon Tree by Paul Deepan
General Fiction- A Scottish Ferry Tale by Nancy Volkers
Humor- Nice Meeting You by Phil Torcivia
Mystery- Recovery by Alexandrea Weis

Happy Writing! =)

So, are you joining me? Head here to enter. What’s your story about?

Mine’s a romance, by the way. And yes, I love semi-colons.

Clarissa wandered down the street, weaving between the revelers, nodding occasionally at someone she knew. She should have avoided the celebration, but her friends kept insisting, urging her to get out and enjoy herself, meet a new man. They didn’t understand. The festival blurred around her; dancers turning, skirts spreading wide; lanterns glowing, fire dimly lighting the square; music soaring over the conversations, instruments singing in joy. Then she saw him. Over the heads of the crowd, their eyes locked and tears ran down her cheeks. He pushed his way to her, wrapped his strong and around her and wouldn’t let her pull away. “I’m here,” he said. He wasn’t as exciting as Philip had been, but he was safe, and he would stay. She nodded, head buried in his chest.


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