Waiting on Mr. Aaron Baker

361 words

Leticia looked at the sketch, a small smile curving her lips. A genius, eh? The man was quite handsome, young,  intelligent-looking. He would be here shortly. Hiding the page under the stack of papers on small table at her side , she stood and sighed. As arranged, he would arrive shortly in his carriage to take her to the theater. She walked slowly to her bedroom, her dress trailing behind her.

She thought back to the dinner where they had met last week. It had been, overall, a boring affair. The usual gossip and men trying to impress each other, ignoring their wives, boasting of their latest accomplishments. At her request, she was seated by Mr. Aaron Baker and quickly fell into conversation with him. He had actually been amusing and when tonight’s invitation came she was delighted to accept it. So rarely is work enjoyable. Too often, she found herself attending events with stuffy old men who stunk of sweat and stale cigar smoke. A shame, really, that so many of the more powerful men, men with useful knowledge, were so dull and tiresome.

Leticia picked up her small beaded bag from the dresser and unclasped it. Nestled inside was her pistol, small, easy to handle, with a pearl studded grip. She made sure it was loaded, replaced it, then added a small vial filled with a clear liquid, her most useful weapon. Added to a drink, it loosened the tongue, making it easy for her to learn what she wanted to know, and soon the man, or woman, was unconscious. At that point, she had the two young men who worked for her take the person and deposit him, where she didn’t care.

She hear the clatter of the carriage outside her window and she slowly descended the stairs. pulling on her gloves and cloak as she went. By the end of tonight, she would have the plans for the time machine, or at least know where to get them. That would fetch a pretty sum. On the other hand, a time machine would be quite useful, if it worked. She wondered how devoted Mr. Baker was to his employers.


Dottie at Tink’s Place has a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge that I’m enjoying. Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to participate you post your story on Friday – 350 words, give or take. I don’t think my story lived up to the beautiful picture, but there you have it.


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