It’s been a while since I’ve talked about a new game, but this is one David got for his birthday. We’ve played it several times since then and it’s definitely worth mentioning.

In the middle of the 30’s, an expedition of treasure hunters crashes its zeppelin in the middle of an unknown and mysterious island where legends tell that several old and powerful civilizations have left many sumptuous treasures.
Each player is one of these brave explorers who joined the expedition with old maps giving clues on where some of these treasures can be found. However, it is clear that the land is barely known and dangerous, so, all explorers decide to travel together, in one solid group by hiring beasts of burden and exotic items in the native villages while trying to avoid the many dangers of the inhospitable land of Isla Dorada…

Which one of these brave explorers will find the most valuable treasures, avoid the numerous curses and accomplish it’s rewarding destiny?

So, you’re all traveling together as a group, but each of you has different cards, including movement cards, treasures, curses, destinies.Which way the expedition head is based on bidding, for example if you bid 3 kamels to go to one place, you might beat me with 4 grape apes to go someplace else. Okay, they’re not grape apes, but that’s what we call them.

It’s a fun game that sticks with its theme well. The pieces are ell made, including a totem representing the group, a Leviathan, and a Bigfoot that I might use to knock over the totem occasionally. It’s a good family game but not a “serious” game. I think it’s meant to be taken lightly. It’s not one to contemplate your choices or get frustrated if you can’t seem to complete your destiny. You never know what the other adventurers have in their plans.

The goal is to end up with the most points at the end, through treasures and destinies. Curses are minus points.

It’s a unique game in our stacks. I think it’s the only movement one where the whole group moves together. And the secret scoring condition of the destiny cards adds a neat twist.

Overall, it’s a good game, one we’ll play occasionally, especially when Amber awake to play with us. It’s not my favorite island treasure game, that would have to be Forbidden Island.

The game is for 3-6 players, ages 10 and up. You can purchase it at Amazon.


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