The Blue Light Project by Timothy Taylor

When an armed man seizes a television studio in the center of town, Thom Pegg, a former investigative journalist turned tabloid reporter, is as surprised as anyone to learn that he is the only person to whom the hostage taker will speak, bringing him inside the studio and in contact with the frightening truth.

From outside, meanwhile, the drama of the enthralled and horrified city is revealed through the eyes of two characters who meet in the early stages of the crisis and who bond to one another instinctively. Eve is a former Olympic gold medalist and much loved local daughter. Rabbit is a secretive street artist who has just completed a massive street art project involving mysterious installations at the tops of hundreds of buildings through the city.

It’s a time of fear, a time when people have grave doubts about the future, and each other. Yet, when events collide, and Rabbit’s installation is activated, people are shocked into seeing the power of beauty in the world, and the real possibility of hope.

I haven’t read this modern novel, but I’m told you might like this book if you like the films of Werner Herzog, the art of Banksy, or the novels of Don Delillo.

I have one copy to giveaway. Interested? Just fill out the form below by August 8. I’ll announce the winner on the 9th. This one’s open to the US and Canada only.

You can also purchase the book at Amazon or an Indie bookstore.

All personal information will be deleted after the contest. Sharing about this giveaway will not get you any additional entries, but I always appreciate it.

This contest is now closed.


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