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Today’s story is a short little tale from South Dakota retold by S. E. Schossler. A woman is home alone with a baby in the town of  Deadwood when she sees a drifter approaching her house. Knowing that the man will steal her food and take advantage of her, she gets out her husband’s gun, but found it wasn’t loaded. Just then the drifter walks right into her home, without even a know. Startled she drops the gun into the baby’s crib and turns to fend off the intruder.

The drifter was all set to take every bite of food the little lady had prepared for her husband’s dinner, and give her a hard time to boot. But he happened to glance into the crib, and saw the woman’s little feller jest gumming away at the handle of the gun. Well that drifter turned pale and high-tailed it out of there. Left Deadwood as far behind as he could. He didn’t cotton to the idea of stayin’ in a place where the babies teeth on guns.

Rather an amusing little story, although I certainly did not want to include an picture of a baby sucking on a gun, just too disturbing. You can read the story here.

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