Fall leaves

Today is officially the First Day of Autumn, so I thought I’d make a quick list in honor of the season.

20 Things I Love About Fall

  1. Knee socks
  2. Hot drinks like apple cider and cocoa
  3. Sitting around a campfire
  4. Colorful leaves
  5. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  6. Candy corn
  7. Apple dumplings
  8. Decorating the house for Halloween
  9. Sweaters
  10. Snuggling under a blanket
  11. Our anniversary
  12. Spooky reads
  13. Windy days
  14. Conneaut Lake Pumpkin Fest
  15. Pumpkin pie
  16. Corn mazes
  17. My birthday
  18. Wearing boots again
  19. Caramel apples
  20. Spending time with family and friends


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