I’m not feeling terribly creative today, so I went in search of a meme. I found Saturday 9, where they post 9 questions every week.

1. Have you ever left a relationship but knew that eventually you’d get back together?

Definitely. I can’t even count how many times David and I broke up and got back together before we got married.

2. Are there things that you hate to buy? Items that you either hate to spend perfectly good money on or hate to spend the time it takes to buy them?

I hate grocery shopping, at least the normal boring trip. It’s not fun buying the same cereal, bread and lunch meat week after week. That’s why I drag David and Amber with me- if I’m going to have a miserable evening, we all should. Now I really like out of the ordinary grocery stores, like the one we stop at when we go to Amish land with all the jellies, or the giant Giant Eagle that has all kinds of meats and cheese and breads that I just can’t get at home.

3. What is your favorite cartoon show and why?

Scooby-Doo, the originals. I’m a mystery lover, they’re fun and the monster is always a costume. I also like that all three of us can watch them together and all enjoy them.

4. Are you anywhere close to doing what you wanted to do as a kid?

I think at some point I wanted to be a writer, and I think I am closer to that than I was five years ago, even if my writing is informal and not very good. I do read a lot and people send me books to review, not something I would have thought of as a child, but something I would have loved had I known it was possible.

5. Now that you’re in the “real world,” is your current job now really what you want to do for a living? If not, what would you ultimately like to do?

I don’t want to be in the “real” world. Honestly, though, my job is just a job. It pays some bills, gives me flexibility, is not stressful. It’s not my dream job, but it’s not bad either. Ultimately I’d like to quit and give writing a real shot.

6. A local university has asked you to teach a class about the one thing you know the most about. What would you be teaching and what would the name of the course be?

I’m not sure that I know the most about anything. I think the funnest to teach would be a course on fairy tales. I don’t know that much, but I would truly enjoy doing the research, too.

7. Commercials … they can make us laugh or can annoy the heck out of us. Tell us about your favorite commercial and/or a commercial you simply loathe.

I hate most commercials, they’re either not nearly as funny as they’re trying to be or they’re just plain stupid. One I love, though, is that kid who’s pretending to be Darth Vader and tries using the force on the car and then the father uses his clicker and you can tell the kid is just amazed that the force really worked.

8. Tell us about your favorite comedy movie of all time.

I don’t know. I guess I don’t really watch that many comedies. The Hangover was really funny, though, which totally surprised me.

9. Tell us about your favorite black and white movie of all time.

I actually haven’t watched many black and white movies. I missed most of the classics and the ones I’ve seen I don’t remember well. So, I guess the answer is I don’t have any.


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