Olivia Goes to Venice

Since I’m exploring Venice, at least from my armchair, this month, I thought I’d tag along with Olivia and her family  as they visit Venice for spring vacation.

Olivia, for those of you who may not know, is an adorable, spunky precocious pig, who is a little worried about visiting Venice, after all it’s full of water and who knows what the food is like. Her mom reassures her that she won’t need a snorkel and that there’s pizza and ice cream everywhere.

And they do get to eat lots and lots of gelato while touring the city. They walk across the bridges and take a gondola ride. Olivia even feeds the pigeons in San Marco’s tower. But finding just the right souvenir is a little difficult and destructive.

Feeding the pigeons

I enjoyed the tour of Venice with this delightful family, but I found Olivia in turns amusing and annoying. She’s a little  naughty, which leads to the funny moment toward the ends, without having to deal with any consequences and a little demanding.

Along the Canal

Olivia said to her mother with an edge of hysteria in her voice, “Oh, please—  OH, PLEASE, MOTHER— can’t we live in a palazzo on the Grand Canal?”

The illustrations were really well-done though. I enjoyed how the photos of Venice were altered to include the family, drawn in typical Olivia fashion. Overall, Olivia Goes to Venice was cute enough, but not a must-have for a kid’s bookshelf.

Category: Picture Book

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Olivia, the Pig series
First published June 30, 2009
48 pages

Book source: Library

Venice in February  is hosted by Snow Feathers and Dolce Bellezza.


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