Today is NEA’s Read Across America Day and in celebration Sylvan Dell Publishing is allowing folks to read all 70 of their ebooks on-line for free today. They have a great collection of nature-based books for kids. Amber would have loved these when she was younger.

Prairie StormsI read two of the books today. The first was Prairie Storms by Darcy Pattison. It looks at storms that can occur in all the months of the year and how a specific species of animal deals with the weather. For example, A June thunderstorm causes deer to flee to the trees, and in November a bald eagle rides out a snowstorm on a branch. The illustrations are beautiful detailed drawings of the birds, mammals, even a lizard. I think my favorite is the bisons in a winter blizzard. The herd stands, unshaken, unmovable, undaunted. The bison stand prairie-strong and defiant.” I love the language she uses to. It’s a pleasure to read and to look at, a wonderful book to share with kids.

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River BedsI also read River Beds by Gail Langer Kowoski. It takes us on a tour around the world, from the Mississippi River to the Danube to the Amazon, and we meet the different animals who sleep in or near the rivers. There are dolphins and otters, a capybara and a herd of hippos. Once again, the illustrations are wonderful. The other thing I really like about both of these, as with the other Sylvan Dell,  is the For Creative Minds section in the back. It expands on the book, giving more facts, providing activities. It’s a great addition that enhances the educational value of the books.

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If you have kids in your life, take a moment and check out Sylvan Dell’s books today. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


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