“She Arrives Tomorrow”

The soft tap startled them both. Michael frowned, briefly, before cinching his robe around his waist and rising from the long, low sofa to answer the door. “Your mother wishes to speak to you, my prince.” His valet bowed and headed down the corridor, his soft-soled shoes soundless on the thick carpet.

“Damn,” Michael muttered under his breath, closing the door. “I have to go see what she wants,” he muttered to the young man still lying on the couch, his cobalt satin robe hanging open, barely draped across his lap. Michael ran his hand along the man’s bare leg as he passed by on the way into the bedroom of his suite. “The old crow,” he added, to low to be heard.

After dressing, Michael stalked down the familiar halls to the Queen’s chambers. He was let in by one of her maids, who the politely disappeared into one of the back rooms, leaving him alone with his mother.

“Michael,” she began coolly. “Margarite arrives tomorrow. I expect you to extend her your every courtesy.” She continued before he could interrupt. “I don’t expect you to love her, and I sincerely doubt she does either. You’ve hardly made your choices a secret, after all. What I do expect is for her to be treated well, and eventually I will have a grandson.”

Michael nodded, even though there was little need. The Queen’s eyes were already back on the needlepoint she held in her lap. He was dismissed.

Margarite. He could barely remember the girl he had been introduced to six years ago. She had seemed a sweet enough, pretty girl. Ah, well. She comes from a palace herself. Although only the younger daughter, she was sure to understand how royalty are expected to behave. She would hold his arm in public, but allow him his private life. He would do the same for her.

He wandered back to his rooms, thinking about how this marriage would effect him. Very little, he decided. As to the expected heir, he would deal with that issue eventually.

Michael was happy to see the young man was waiting for him. They may not have much time to enjoy each other the next few days.


Dottie at Tink’s Place has a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge that I’m enjoying. Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to participate you post your story on Friday – 350 words, give or take. I know I’m a couple of days late, but I was having trouble coming up with anything.


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