Disney's Belle and the Beast


A week or two ago, as part of a Thursday Tale/ Giveaway post, I asked people to tell me their favorite fairy tale character. I thought I’d share the results. A total of 42 characters were mentioned, not all of which I would actually have described as fairy tale folks, but I guess that’s beside the point. Seven women received a majority of the love, maybe because so many people have seen the Disney movies. Here’s how it broke down, with the characters and the number of times they were mentioned.

I’ve talked about several of these stories in Thursday’s tale posts and have linked those. Last week, I looked at “The Happy Prince,” which I discovered through this list. My next few Thursday’s Tale posts will focus on some of the others in this list who are new to me or who I just hadn’t gotten around to yet.

Was your favorite mentioned? If not, who is it?


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