I’m going to sneak in one more pin this month. Last weekend, we went up to the lake and of course sat around a fire during the evenings. If you have a fire, you have to have s’mores, right? We picked up the standard graham crackers, Hershey’s bars, and marshmallows, but I had seen a variation that used peppermint patties, so I picked up a package of those little ones. I tried them instead of the Hershey’s bar pieces, and I have to say they were yummy. They didn’t melt as much as the plain chocolate, but I kinda liked that, it made them a little less messy. Of course, I tend to like mint in general. I was the only one who tried the variation. Apparently, at least according to my daughter, you shouldn’t mess with a classic. I disagree. I think I may have to try another variation next time- maybe the cinnamon toast s’more. I don’t think the rest of the folks will mind if I get cinnamon graham crackers instead of original.

Image from …Chocolate Chips and Snickerdoodles

What’s your favorite snack to eat around a campfire?

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