The Concrete Blonde

I don’t think I’ve ever read a Michael Connelly book in print, just listened to the audio versions. It’s funny, I tend to stick with audio once I’ve started a series in audio, not sure why. Is it just me, or do other folks find themselves doing the same thing? And I expect the same narrator for each book in the series, the voice I’ve come to associate with it.

The Concrete Blonde by Michael Connelly was just what I expected, a tightly plotted mystery with our detective,  Harry Bosch, being his usual judgemental self, tough guy with a soft side. Four years ago, Bosch had his fifteen minutes of fame when he killed the Doll Maker, a serial killer preying on prostitutes. Now he is being sued by the dead man’s widow who claims that Harry’s actions at the time were unacceptable and that he killed the wrong man. The accusations ring true when a new victim is discovered.

There are two parts to this story. On the one hand, it’s a courtroom drama. Although I don’t know anything about courts or the whole process it seemed true to life to me. I have to admit, though, that it annoyed me. I felt Harry’s actions were entirely justifiable and was just amazed by how much he was treated like a rogue cop. Of course, that’s the whole point, but I kept thinking, I don’t get it, of course that’s what he did, that’s all he could have done.

Then there’s the actual mystery, is there another killer and if so who is it. This part of the story was done so well, will Connelly portioning out the clues to Bosch, leading him and us down several dead ends until the killer is finally revealed and caught. I was convinced several times that I knew who murderer was, each time I was wrong. The twists and turns were excellent.

One of my favorite Bosch stories so far. It’s not overly introspective, Harry’s in a tough situation but handles it in typical fashion, relentlessly pursuing the culprit, even while dealing with his own issues.

4½ out of 5 stars

Category: Mystery – Police Procedural

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Harry Bosch #3
First published 1994
13 hours 57 minutes
Narrated by Dick Hill

Book source: Library

Harry Bosch Series

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  2. Trunk Music
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  14. The Black Box (expected November 2012)



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