I love crafts. I admit it. I’m not overly talented, but I’ve gotten pretty good at cutting and pasting, and I can paint a little. And Christmas tends to bring out my craftiness. Usually it’s because I like making my own decorations instead of buying overprices things I can put together myself for less. I finished my first project of the season a couple of days ago.

This project is based on a cute Christmas Button Tree I found on Pinterest.

My pin

Original Pin

Blog post at Red Heads Craft more Fun

This is not one I get to keep, I’m giving it away as a gift, but I love how it turned out. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but it did turn out just like I pictured it in my head. I got all the supplies at a craft store. The buttons came in a little plastic container filled with a variety of cream colored buttons, the felt in back is adhesive and the frame was unfinished, so I picked up some dark red craft paint. The beads were in a big bag of a variety of holiday-ish colors for $1, but I’m planning on making some hair ribbons that I’ll need the other beads for. And it all is glued together with tacky glue.

This is my first completed project for Trish’s holiday 2012 edition of Pin It and Do It.


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