“If Snowflakes Were Kisses”

The postcard brought a smile to her lips. The vintage picture of a re-cheeked boy and girl all bundled-up riding a sled down a snowy slope was cute, but it was the message on the back that had brightened her day. “Katie, if snowflakes were kisses, I’d send you a blizzard,” and it was snowing outside, with several inches on the ground already and no break in sight; a gorgeous day, at least in her opinion, even if her neighbors didn’t agree. They would whine about the roads being impassable, about the ice breaking tree branches, even that the creek was frozen. She loved it. Her grandma had always called her the winter girl. The icy sparkles, the brilliant cold December sun made her feel alive, made her want to hike in the woods, ice skate on the lake, but tonight she missed him. A cup of hot chocolate and a sweet Christmas romance would fit her mood.

She heard the rumble of an engine coming down the road. Who would be driving in this storm? The folks out here knew well enough to at least wait until the snow stopped to attempt driving down here. Most would park at the church at the top of the hill and walk down, others would stay with friends until the road was clear. A red F150 pulled into the empty diner parking lot across the road. Instead of parking and breathe a sigh of relief at making it down safely as she though the driver should, the clown kept going, spinning donut after donut, leaving a trail of circles in the snow.

Katie shrieked, grabbed her coat and danced out the door. The truck was new, but she recognized that cockiness, that carefree disregard of safety. Santa had heard her secret wish after all, the one she hadn’t told anyone. Chase was back!

When he saw her running and slipping across her yard and onto the street, the driver grinned and jumped out of the cab. He had been unsure of his reception after leaving so abruptly, but her rush left him no doubt. She hadn’t even buttoned her coat. He met her in the middle of the deserted road, lifted her up and spun her around in a circle. He had missed her. “Couldn’t let the snow stop me. I’ve been gone too long.”

As they walked back to the house hand in hand, Chase smiled. He hoped she would say yes when he gave her the gift he had brought wrapped in a small aqua box with a bright red bow.



My husband’s been encouraging me to get back to writing these short pieces. Today’s was based on a prompt at Flash Fiction Friday, even though I’m a day or two too late.

Prompt:  Write a story about a character(s) life-changing event and include the following words:  December, blizzard, secret, clown, doughnut.

Genre:  Any



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