One Snowy Night before Christmas

My last read of the year was One Snowy Night Before Christmas by Pamela Fryer, a nice, light Christmas romance . It’s a short read at 117 pages, which I tend to gravitate to this time of year when time seems to just disappear.

Our Grinch is pretty Jessica Jeffries who hates Christmas, and really I can’t blame her; she hasn’t had the best holidays. Whe’s been robbed, caught pneumonia, broke her leg and last year her fiancé dumped her. This year she’s planning on working through the holidays, driving her tow truck. Just a couple of days before Christmas she gets a call about a car stuck in the snow. Enter our love interest, Tom Dunham, who has his six-year old daughter, Amy, with him who he has just gotten custody of after not seeing her since she was a baby. Tom is glad to be rescued, but then Jessica’s bad Christmas luck kicks in and the tow truck hits an old man who just appears in the middle of the road. Not only does Jessica feel awful about hitting someone, but it’s just gets worse when Amy assumes the old man is Santa, and he goes along with it, or maybe truly believes he is Santa.

By a lucky, for the story, coincidence, all the hotel rooms in town are booked, so Tom and his daughter end up staying with Jessica. Okay, it’s a novella, so the relationship moves pretty quickly, but I felt like Tom and Jessica actually got to know each other and truly like each other before jumping into bed. Tom’s a comfortable man, willing to take things at Jessica’s pace and support her when she needs it. The scenes with him squaring off against her ex were amusing. And I’m a sucker for a happy ending. This one ends a chance at true love and some Christmas magic that made me smile.

4½ out of 5 stars

Category: Romance – Contemporary

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Published November 1, 2011
117 pages

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This is my sixth read for the Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge 2012 hosted by Michelle at The Christmas Spirit.





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