daylight moonlightTitle: Daylight Moonlight

Author: Matt Patterson

Category: Picture Book- Nature, Animals

Published: March 28, 2013 by Schiffer Publishing

Rating: 2½ out of 5

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Daylight Moonlight is a visually engaging book that provides a unique way for
children to learn about the animals that populate different habitats by day and
night. Patterson has painted 22 scenes total, in the forest, desert, underwater,
seashore, wetlands, grasslands, mountains, public parks, and even your own
backyard. This book is a fun way to get children excited about nature.

I love the format of this book. Each pair of paintings shows the same location at day at night, but of course a different set of animals is out and about depending on the time. The illustrations are beautiful and detailed and the variety of animals pictured is great. The guide at the back of the book is helpful in identifying all the critters and I would suggest the adult reading this out loud to a child should review them before hand.

My one complaint is that the actual story or sentence descriptions were rather boring. “An owl flies through the night sky while two stray cats prowl on the ground.” That’s hard to make sound interesting or engaging. I wish it was more fun read, but the pictures alone may make it worthwhile. I, personally, needed the writing to be enjoyable when I was reading to Amber when she was little, for both of us.


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