The Age of Doubt

Title: The Age of Doubt (Inspector Montalbano #14)

Author: Andrea Camilleri

Category: Mystery

Published: October 23, 2008

Rating: 2½ out of 5

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The day after a storm, Inspector Montalbano encounters a strange woman who expresses interest in a certain yacht scheduled to dock that afternoon. Not long after she’s gone, the yacht’s crew reports finding a disfigured corpse. Also at anchor is a luxury vessel with a somewhat shady crew. Both boats will have to stay in Vigàta until the investigation is over and, based on information from the woman, Montalbano begins to think the occupants of the yacht might know more about the man’s death than they’re letting on.

The Montalbano mysteries are funny and dark and full of food. Montalbano himself can be a jerk, but he’s amusing, intelligent but crass. The mystery here, who was the corpse and who killed him, was well-done, enough twists to keep me interested and a timely theme. The recurring secondary characters are a little cardboardish, but still likeable. Based on those things, I would rate this closer to a 4, probably.

The problem, and the reason this book had me complaining out loud – Laura. She works for the Harbor Office and Montalbano meets her during the investigation and sparks immediately fly, apparently. And he moons over her for the rest of the book. And she kisses him and then runs away. And he lies to his girlfriend. And she hugs him then turns cold. And so on, and so on. Once again, I was hoping for the female lead to end up being the killer – once again I was disappointed. This almost romance just killed the rest of the book for me.

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